How to work with SendGrid Reports App for Excel 2013

You can install SendGrid Reports for Excel 2013 Web App from the Microsoft Office Store.

1. Open the SendGrid Reports for Excel App:

  • Go to Insert tab in Excel;
  • Select Apps for Office;
  • Click on the “ SendGrid Reports for Excel” app and click Insert.

 How to add SendGrid Reports App to your workbook

3. Enter your SendGrid User Name and Password to login to your SendGrid account and click “Login”:

Enter your SendGrid User Name and Password

4. Review options available in Step 2 and Step 3 and adjust it in according to your requirements:

 XLTools SendGrid Reports Options

5. Select an empty cell where you want to put a table with the list of email from SendGrid:

6. Click the “Load Data” to pull the data from your SendGrid account to Excel:

XLTools SendGrid Reports - enjoy the Result!

7. Once the app generates the table, you’ll see a toast notification that confirms the SendGrid report(s) is loaded!

Any Questions? Please, ask in the comments below:

One Response to How to work with SendGrid Reports App for Excel 2013

  1. ray says:

    Maybe I’m not understanding the purpose of the app, but am I able to use this to email a report from excel?

    I registered with SendGrid and successfully installed this app in Excel, but I don’t see how to send this as an email from within the application.

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