How to become an affiliate

We invite you to join our affiliate program and get 30% commission on every XLTools license you sell.

We use RegNow MyCommerce by Digital River™ as an ecommerce platform. Register as a MyCommerce affiliate, start selling XLTools Add-ins and get regular payouts.

Step 1. Register in MyCommerce Affiliate Network

  • Sign up as a MyCommerce affiliate. If already registered, login to your account and skip to Step 2.
    Note: signing up and account management are in English.
  • MyCommerce: Affiliate sign up page

  • Complete your account profile. Fill in the required company details and contact information.
  • MyCommerce: get started with affiliate profile settings

    MyCommerce: fill in affiliate profile details

  • Set payment preferences. All payments to affiliates are made once per month, for the previous month of sales. You can choose the preferred payment type and minimum payment. The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD.
  • MyCommerce: fill in affiliate payment preferences

  • After initial signup you are assigned with an Affiliate ID, e.g. “a12345”. Use it later to login to your account and to create sales links.
  • MyCommerce: how to find your affiliate ID

Step 2. Create relationship and add XLTools to your list of products

  • Create relationships with vendors and choose software products to sell:
  • MyCommerce: create relationships with vendors

  • Find XLTools Add-ins:
    By product name: XLTools
    Or, by vendor name: WavePoint Co. Ltd.
    Or, by vendor ID: 54088
  • MyCommerce: create relationship with XLTools

  • One by one, click on the Product Name > Review description > Click Join Now. Product links and image links are generated right away.
  • MyCommerce: add XLTools add-ins to your list of products

Step 3. Launch XLTools sales and create links

  • It is easy to start selling products – click Get Started, and start creating offers and building links.
  • MyCommerce: launch affiliate store

    MyCommerce: start creating offers and building links

  • MyCommerce Link Builder tool allows you to create direct order links. The link takes customers directly to the cart view with products and their quantities.
    Click Marketing on the main menu > Create Link > Click the Add product button > The product link is generated automatically. More on URL formats of order links.
  • MyCommerce: generate affiliate link for XLTools GURU license

  • Place the links on your website. When the customer follows your links and makes a purchase, the sale is attributed to you. The referral cookie is kept active for 30 days.

Step 4. Get regular payouts

MyCommerce acts as a payments agent and handles all payments to you as an affiliate. Payments are made once per month, for the previous month. The exact date of payment depends on the payment method you have chosen (bank/wire transfer, check, PayPal, etc). The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD. Read more about payouts to affiliates.

Affiliate Agreement

Under MyCommerce Affiliate Agreement you agree that:

  • You may describe yourself as having received approval to act as a non-exclusive affiliate marketing participant with the seller.
  • You shall not place referral links or marketing support materials in newsgroups, message boards, unsolicited email and other types of spam, banner networks, counters, chatrooms, guestbooks, Internet relay chat channels or through similar Internet resources.
  • You shall not place referral links in any manner which may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead any customer.
  • You may not describe yourself as an “authorized dealer”, “agent”, “sales representative”, or otherwise through the use of any other term or in any other manner which implies you are anything other than an affiliate. You may not claim that you or your business has been “approved” or “endorsed” by MyCommerce or any seller.

General license sales terms

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