How to become a reseller

If you are a local software reseller or a distributor, you can buy XLTools Add-ins in your client’s name with a 30% discount.

  1. Contact us with a quote request for XLTools Add-ins. Indicate types of licenses and their quantity that your client requires.
  2. Review the quote. It will include a direct order link with your 30% discount.
  3. Follow the link and make the purchase your client’s name (online payment, 100% upfront ).
    Important: during order payment, please indicate that the Purchaser (you) and the Licensee (your client) are NOT the same. Provide your details in the Billing Information area, and client’s details in the Recipient Information area. We require valid details of your client to issue license keys, enable upgrades and provide technical support for the client as the end user.
  4. MyCommerce cart view: licensee and purchaser information

  5. After payment confirmation, we email you the license keys issued to the end customer and license activation guide.

General license sales terms


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