Calendar App for Excel in the Office Store

Free date picker web app helps insert dates in cells easily

If you manage time tables, schedules, to-do-lists, etc. in Excel – you know that entering dates in cells can take unjustified amount of time. Don’t you wish for a handy date picker? Something simple, straightforward, always at hand? Calendar app does exactly that:

  • Intuitive in use – click on the cell, then the date
  • Displays week numbers, highlights current date
  • Embed into Excel templates and share with colleagues
  • As a web-based Office Add-in doesn’t require installation
  • FREE and available in Microsoft Office Store Calendar is built on Microsoft platform. MS Office Add-ins (also known as Office Apps) work across Excel Online, Excel 2016 and Excel 2013 desktop, Excel for iPad, Excel for Mac. Calendar App Overview

Learn your way around:

How to add the Calendar for Excel from the Office Store

Download the app from the Office Store, or directly from Excel interface:

  1. Open Excel > Insert tab > In the Add-ins group click ‘Store’ or ‘Office Add-ins’.
  2. Search for XLTools Calendar in the Store > It is free, so just click ‘Add’.
  3. The Calendar will appear on the sheet. Drag and place the form as you wish.

Note: you should be singed in to your Microsoft account to manage products and subscriptions:
File > Account > User Information > Sign in.

Add Calendar from the Office Store to Excel 2016 or Excel 2013

Add Calendar from the Office Store to Excel Online

How to insert a date in a cell from the Calendar app

  • To insert a date, click on the cell and pick the date from the Calendar.
  • To change a date, click on the cell with a date and pick a new date.
  • Click on the cell with a date and this date gets highlighted in the Calendar.
  • Flip to previous/next month using navigation arrows.
  • To change month/year, click on the month/year and select.

How to change the date format of the Calendar app Calendar uses the date format set in your default systems settings.

  • Change the date format as usual in Excel:
    Select cells > Format cells > Number tab > Date > Choose the format you need > OK.
  • Or, change your system settings:
    Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region > Set the date and time format > OK.

How to move the Calendar on a spreadsheet Calendar is a content pane app. Drag and move it around Excel sheet just like a shape.

  • To remove the Calendar from the sheet:
    Select the Calendar (click on the borders) > Hit the ‘Delete’ key.
  • To have the Calendar visible while you scroll down a large table:
    Freeze or split panes (available for desktop Excel). Then you can scroll down the table in one area and access the Calendar in the other area.

Freeze panes for Calendar App

How to embed the Calendar date picker into Excel sheet Calendar is a web-based application. It means you can insert the app to Excel sheet – and share the file with colleagues or other users.

It is a handy when you want to embed a calendar date picker in Excel templates, forms, schedules, time tables, etc.

How to make the Calendar app drop down near a cell

You cannot make the Calendar hide or appear just for certain cells.

But check out our desktop Popup Calendar add-in (requires installation). It is a drop down date picker with wider functionality. Give it a try if you need something more advanced: e.g. inserting dates (or date and time) into merged cells, columns, rows or custom ranges in one click.

Read more on the difference between our online apps vs desktop version.

Any questions or suggestions? Please leave your comment below.

107 Responses to Calendar App for Excel in the Office Store

  1. Antonio J Fabian says:

    Is there any how to use the calendar as I would like  

    click on the cell with date format then open the calendar, and once the date is selected the calendar will desapear until click in a new cell to set the date

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Antonio,
      We have another datepicker tool – the Popup Calendar. It works just as you described. Note that the Popup Calendar requires installation and works on Windows only. Give it a try!

  2. Lengai Croze says:

    Hi, the calendar seems to have frozen. I cannot delete or move it.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Lengai, thank you for reporting this!

      I’m sorry to hear that you have had issues with our Calendar app. Due to recent Microsoft upgrades to the app platform, some online add-ins may perform inconsistently. In the meanwhile, to remove the app please do the following:
      Open Excel > Go to Insert tab > My Add-ins > See All > From the dropdown in the top right corner by the Calendar select Remove > This will remove the Calendar from the list of your Microsoft add-ins.

  3. Santiago Rendón says:

    The the date format it's not consistent with excel configuration and windows date – time configuration. The tool switch day and month


  4. Jakob says:


    Is it possible to constantly highlight specific dates in a chosen color in the calendar without needing to select a cell? I have some key dates which have to be colored at all time no matter the date you have picked in a cell.


    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Jacob,
      Sorry, no. There is no option to highlight or color some specific dates in the calendar. But thank you for the idea!

  5. Vladimir says:

    Hi Maria,

    I just came across this discussion (and need to have a inserted calendar in a worksheet)
    I an using Excel 2016, founding that (now) it’s possible to insert as many calendars on the same worksheet as you want, looks like it was not possible before as I saw at the beginning of this discussion.

    The only problem that I found is you can’t add the date driven by the calendar into merged cells, so I’ve used the workaround by placing the calendar date somewhere else and linked data to merged cells. It woks that way.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Vladimir,
      That’s right, you can add multiple calendars on the worksheet now. And yes, you are right – the Calendar does not support merged cells. That’s a very smart workaround you have found!

      We also have another calendar as a part of our desktop (installable) set of add-ins. The Popup Calendar not sharable, but it supports merged cells, helps fill entire columns/rows/ranges with dates, displays a popup icon near a date cell, etc. Feel free to try.

  6. Tim I says:

    I want 2 calendars in the spreadsheet…One for Start Date and one for End Date….And have 2 individual cells store the values…Is this possible…Seems when I set the cell for the Start Date and set the cell for the End Date, both cells use the last date selected

    Thank you…

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Tim,
      No, you cannot have multiple calendar apps on your spreadsheet. The calendar is not tied to any specific cell, so you can click on a cell and enter a date, the start date or end date in your case. The calendar remembers the last used date – I realize it may not be handy for your specific task, but it’s the most common use case. Hope you will find the Calendar helpful in your other tasks!

  7. Francesco Santoro says:

    good morning I wanted to know if possible to have a version in Italian

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Francesco,

      Sorry, our apps are only available in English. We do not yet have plans to support other languages. Thank you for your interest in XLTools!

  8. Michel Bouchard says:

    This is a great application. I have a problem when selecting cells having values greater than 25204.
    For 25205 the calendar display the selected date January, 1 1969, for 25206, january 2nd 1969, and so on.
    is there any work around for that behavior?


    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Michel,
      Thanks! Happy to hear you find the Calendar useful. As I understand, you have values (25204, 25205, 25206, etc.) in cells with general or number format. But as you click through these cells, the Calendar still “sees” the values and highlights January, 1 1969, etc. So when you need to enter a date next time, the you have you keep clicking to find a current date. I see how that can be inconvenient. I will pass this task on to our developers to see if we can find a solution. Thanks for letting us know!

  9. Keld says:


    I am trying to get the date sent to a specific cell in Excel.

    Can it be done ?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Keld,
      If you mean that you want to insert a date into a cell – then yes, definitely. Simply select the cell, and click the date you need in the Calendar. The date will be inserted into that cell.

  10. Peter says:

    Love the app. When I select a cell with a date, it highlites the previous date in the calendar.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks! Some online Excel apps perform inconsistency due to upgrades that Microsoft has issued recently. We’ve a had a few other reports and have contacted MS tech support, so all we can do now is just wait. Thanks for understanding!

  11. Carla says:

    I get an "Add-in Error" where it states that "this add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click "restart" to try again." Restarting does not work either. I have Microsoft Offie 2016, 64-bit 

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Carla, thank you for reporting this!

      Microsoft is actively upgrading their Add-in Platform at the moment, so some add-ins perform inconsistently. We are already looking into the problem and will try to solve it as soon as possible.

  12. Jim Hachtel says:

    When I place the calendar app in my spreadsheet, it won't load the calendar.  It says it can't load the app, and tells me to check if I have internet/network connection, and to please retry when I am back online.  The frame is there, but no calendar.  This is a recent occurence, I had previously been able to use the app without issue.  I have Office 2013.  This happens regardless of how I am connected…LAN or wireless.  Can't find any info on this error anywhere….can you help? 

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Jim,

      Thanks you for reporting the error and sorry for inconvenience. Seems that Microsoft is actively upgrading their Add-in Developer Platform at the moment. So some add-ins perform inconsistently. We’ve had a few similar reports, and we are already looking into it.

  13. joan says:

    Hello Maria,

    I am using calendar in one spreadsheet. I am facing issues to upload the calendar and it shows a message “incorrect configuration of the app”. Could you please guide if I can do so checks to solve that problem.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Joan, sorry to hear that! These online apps are developed on MS Add-in Developer Platform, which Microsoft seems to be actively upgrading at the moment. So some performance inconsistency is to be expected. But there is nothing much we can do from our side right now.

      You are welcome to download our desktop add-in. It also has the Popup Calendar and much wider functionality.

  14. Benoit says:

    Hi Maria

    As you already know the calendar doesn't work with merged cells.

    Are you going to fix it ?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Beniot,

      Indeed, the Calendar app does not work with merged cells. We were planning to add this functionality in the next versions. Microsoft has issued a number of updates to the apps platform recently, so before we add new functionality, we want to update current features first.

      In the meanwhile, you are welcome to try our desktop Popup Calendar – it does work with merged cells.

  15. Salman says:

    I was unable to add as long date any from 14th to 30th

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Salman, thank you for reporting the error! Recently Microsoft has issued updates to the apps platform, that causes some irregularities in apps performance. We are looking into it.

  16. Tara says:

    I need to add a calendar with the daily schedule view but the data has to change while toggling between the dates on the calendar (kind of like outlook).. 

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Tara, I am not quite sure what you mean. With the Calendar you can enter dates into cells, but if you need contents of the other cells to change as you change the date, then the other cells should have some sort of condition.

  17. Nurul says:

    Hi !

    Can other people access the calendar or they need to add the add in first?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Nurul,
      If you add the Calendar add-in to a spreadsheet and send the file to other people – they will see the Calendar and will be able to use it, too. That is if other people have Excel Online, or Excel 2016/2013 desktop with internet access.

  18. Gary Raats says:

    I downloaded the calendar fro the Microsoft Store yet the calendar/font is too small. Can you please tell me how I can increase the size. Thanking You, Gary

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Gary, you cannot change the Calendar’s font settings. You can, however, zoom in on the Excel sheet (bottom right corner of a spreadsheet) – this will also zoom in on the Calendar.

  19. Franky says:


    I have already the calendar in the worksheet but when I click on the date it doesn’t put it in the cell!
    How can I fix this? Im using Mac Excel 2016. ¿The Popup calendar you mention down in the comments is available for Mac?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Franky, this Calendar is developed on Microsoft Office Add-ins platform, which is supported for Windows and Mac and across devices. However, Microsoft started supporting online office add-ins in Excel for Mac only recently – so some inconsistencies are to be expected. I’m sorry that the Calendar does not work properly for you, but there is not much we can do at this point.

  20. Francois says:

    This is useful to enter dates, but I want to remove it from the spreadsheet once this is done. How do you remove it?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Francois, to remove the calendar from the spreadsheet, simply select the Calendar (click on its borders, like you would remove an image) > Press Delete.

  21. Sylvain says:

    How to select a date before year 2000 for people birthday?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Sylvain,
      When you click on the year, you will see a drop down menu. It shows the span of 20 years (10 years before and 10 years after the selected date). If necessary, repeat the operation to see earlier years in the the drop down.

  22. Alex Lepoureau says:

    Can we make this calendar smaller?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Alex, the Calendar is not resizable. It is a content pane app based on a present forms by Microsoft Office developers. There’s not much we can do about it’s size from our size, but we will look into it. Thank you!

  23. Maria Balobanova says:

    UPDATE: the errors with the Calendar should be fixed now.

    Cause: Office API on which the Calendar add-in relies on was not working properly, but we have found a workaround.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and patience! Please, give it another try.

  24. Pablo says:

    Truly pathetic support. Have suggested removal from the office store. Doesn’t work with different date formats.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Sorry you feel that way, Pablo.

      Note, that the Calendar uses the same date format that your system has. You can change the default settings of you system: Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Formats tab > Additional settings > Date tab > Calendar > choose the format you need > OK.
      We are aware of the bug with the UK date format – and we are working on it.

      If you happen to have any other problems, I would appreciate more details/screenshots by email. This would be really helpful if we are missing something. Thanks!

  25. ddbb says:

    I’m using your add-in in Excel 2016 for Mac

    When I select a cell with a date, the calendar highlights the day before. So, for instance, if the cell is 1/6/16 then it highlights 1/5/16

  26. Cristina says:

    I can put the calendar in the worksheet but when I click on the date it doesn’t put it in the cell!
    How can I fix this?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Cristina, I have send you an email – we will need some more info to try reproduce the error.

  27. Reatrey Meas says:

    How can I get it offline?

  28. Blaine says:

    How can I make the calendar only visible when selecting a specific field in my spreadsheet?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Blaine,
      You can’t make the Calendar hide/appear automatically for a specific field in a spreadsheet. You can remove it from the spreadsheet when you don’t need it, and open the add-in again when you are back to editing dates.

  29. Mary says:

    useless… all it got me was the picture of the calendar that yes I could click on, but not a true drop down option (meaning click the cell, get the calendar, choose date, calendar disappears). And yes I’m on 2016.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      You are right, Mary, the Calendar is not a drop-down type of add-in. Web-based add-ins come in only two forms – as a content pane on a sheet (like this Calendar) or as a task pane (like the Unpivot Table). Check out our desktop Popup Calendar – is is the drop-down kind you have described. Click the cell – get the calendar pop up – pick a date – the calendar disappears.

  30. Sammyg says:

    Is there a way to input the dates from the calendar into merged cells? Excel Mac 2016

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Sammyg,
      XLTools Calendar add-in does not work for merged cells yet – possibly in the next versions. As for Mac – Office Add-ins are not yet supported in Office for Mac either.

  31. Dave W says:

    Is there a version for MS Office 2016 (not online version)?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Dave,

      The Calendar add-in works for standard desktop MS Excel (not online) version too. Please follow the same steps (above) to access the Calendar add-in. You will need to be online (Internet connection) to work with Office Store add-ins.

      We also have a desktop version of XLTools Popup Calendar. Also suitable for Excel 2016, once installed it does not require Internet. Functionality is a bit different – you are welcome to take a free trial and see which product suits you most.

  32. Nikhil Barodiya says:

    Hi Maria!

    How do i change the default date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd-mon-yy, i.e. instead of having 4/11/2016 it should appear like 11-Apr-2016. Thanks already!

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Nikhil,

      The Calendar uses the same date format that your system has.

      – You can change the default settings of you system: Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Formats tab > Additional settings > Date tab > Calendar > choose the format you need > OK.

      – If you don’t want to change the settings of you system, you can change the date format in Excel later, as usual: select cells > Format cells > Number tab > Date > choose the format you need > OK.

      – If you work with dates a lot – take a look at our Popup Calendar. It has a wider functionality, including default formatting.

      • LIzzie says:

        This does not work? There is literally no way to remove the default American date system on the calendar – it’s bad. I have the system as UK?!
        I also can’t download Popup Calendar.

        • Maria Balobanova says:

          Hi Lizzie,

          Indeed, there is a bug, that for some reason prevents setting UK date format. It does take us a while to figure out and solve the problem, we are punished by losing customers.. So I promise you we are working on it =)

          If there is a problem installing the full version of XLTools, please try the MSI installer instead. Thanks for speaking up!

        • Dave says:

          I have a similar issue: My system is set to yyyy-mm-dd, yet the date entered into cells by this add-in is in m-d-yyyy and setting the cell format to ANYTHING does not change it.

          Lets hope it gets fixed soon – it’s a handy little tool.

        • Jan says:

          Same here – I need to configure it for the German market (DD/MM/YYYY) and cannot achieve this via format cell. Any updates as to the bug yet or other workarounds? Thanks, Jan

  33. Deb says:

    Awesome! However, how can I get it as a default every time I open excel? Have created a macro button which shows as a default but it opens the original spreadsheet that I created it in.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Deb,

      We’d love that too! However, that’s just not possible. Like any other Office add-in it’s built on Microsoft platform with its own requirements.

      So if you add the Calendar to a spreadsheet – it will still be there next time. But in a new spreadsheet you have to add it again. Doesn’t take much time though – you should be able to find recently used add-ins here: Insert tab > My Add-ins

  34. Danny says:

    Hi – how do I resize the calendar without cropping? I am trying to make it a bit smaller. thanks

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Danny,
      For now it’s not possible to resize the Calendar, unless you zoom in/out of your spreadsheet. This is the first version of the Calendar add-in released, so thank for your suggestion – we’ll consider it for future releases!

  35. Jo says:

    I’ve installed the calendar but I’ve got a large spreadsheet with names & dates on it – can I add names to the calendar?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Jo,

      The Calendar add-in works only with dates. I suggest you create a drop-down list (native Excel feature) – this could be helpful for long lists of names.

  36. Kennedy says:

    I have added the calendar to a spreadsheet, Excel 2013. When I click on a field that has a date in it it changes the calendar to that date. However, when I select a field then click on the calendar it does not put the date in the field. No error, just nothing happens.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Kennedy,
      Thank for reporting this! Although we cannot reproduce this error on our machines. Is it possible that the blanks cells are locked for editing? I have dropped you an email.

      • Oscar says:

        Hi Maria,
        I am faced with the same problem as Kennedy. Could you advice me on how to can work it out. I am using Excel 2013.

        • Maria Balobanova says:

          Hi Oscar,
          We are still working on this issue. Seems that the error happens in Excel 2013, but not on every PC.

  37. Robert McEwan says:

    Can I set this so that when I click on a cell it opens up the calendar for that cell rather than having it open all the time?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Robert!

      No, you can only close the Calendar add-in yourself, it does not close automatically after you enter a date in a cell. However, our desktop Popup Calendar may be exactly what you need (requires installation on your PC).

  38. Bridget M Hawn says:

    I am trying to use the calendar in a log. It works great when I have it up, but when someone else opens it, they are unable to use the calendar to pick a date. It basically just shows as an image. Is there something that I am doing wrong?


    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Bridget,

      Once you open the Calendar add-in your Excel file and then send it to your colleagues, they should also be able to use it. Please note, though, that your colleagues should also meet the system requirements for Excel Add-ins: Excel 2013, 2016, or Excel Online.

  39. Brown says:

    I have a request to replace a timeline on a pivot chart (that pulls from a SharePoint list) with a date picker. Can I do this with this tool?
    Thank you

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Brown, you can use the date picker for any cells in Excel. We will need to see some screenshot of your specific case. I have emailed you with more info.

  40. Tom says:

    This app is great and really useful.
    The only thing is that if I try to move the calendar from one place to another, it crashes the program and Excel Online restarts itself. It gave me an error code as well but I forgot to write it down.
    Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it.
    Best Regards,

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Tom, thank you for reporting this. So far we cannot reproduce the error on our machines, apparently this happens in Excel Online only. We will look into it! Thanks again.

  41. Katie L. says:

    Is it possible to make the font bigger? I have not been able to find any way to do so.

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Katie,
      right now there is no option to make the font of the Calendar bigger. That’s a good idea, thank you, we’ll consider it for the next upgrades. In the meanwhile, try zooming in on your spreadsheet – the Calendar will also expand. If you like our date picker – we would appreciate if you rated it or left a review in the Office Store. Thank you for using XLTools!

  42. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Dear Maria Balobanova,

    As my system language is Arabic, so can I use this calendar tool for Hijri calendar?


    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Dear Mohamed, the Calendar uses your system date format (Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Formats tab > Additional settings > Date tab > Calendar > select Hijiri date > OK). Give it a try!

  43. Jana says:

    I cannot use the calendar with a merged cell as I could before…I try to enter the date and the error I receive is – “Failed The supplied data object is not compatible with the shape or dimensions of the current selection.”
    Is there anyway to correct this??

    Thank you for your time!

  44. Michael Wilson says:

    Tried but not formatting to UK date in cell! If you format a cell then use this add-in it assumes the day to be the month?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Dear Michael, you are right. Calendar is supposed to pull the date in the format, as it’s set in your Excel and locale settings by default (DD/MM/YYYY for UK). However, it doesn’t seem to work properly for UK settings. We are already working to fix this bug.

  45. Katie says:

    How to I remove the calendar from the spreadsheet?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Katie, you can simply select the Calendar form (click on the Calendar’s borders, i.e. treat it like a shape) – and then click Delete.

  46. Balaji AP says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the this update in MS office, I would like to know whether can we able to fixed the cell to update the chosen date value in specific cell(i.e) User are allowed to do the date change only in A1.

    or is there way can wee able to link the calendar to specific cell ?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Dear Balaji, you cannot link the Calendar to a specific cell. However, if you want to allow user to change only specific cells (for example, A1), you can lock all the other cells and protect your sheet (Review > Protect Sheet). This way users will be able to make changes and use the Calendar to enter date only in cell A1.

      • Ron J says:

        This tool is awesome! , but that would make it perfect. I have forms where the date only goes in one or two cells and the rest are pull downs or text. I noticed if you accidentally hit the date while in those cells in will change to date and change the number format.

        Again thanks for this!!

        • Maria Balobanova says:

          Hello Ron! Thank you for the great feedback and suggestion. We will research this possibility to improve the Calendar. Thanks!

          • Frank says:

            Same with me – that’s the most useful improvement I would suggest to this very good tool!

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