SendGrid Reports Add-in for Excel in the Office Store

Pull reports on suppressed email from SendGrid to Excel

This Office Add-in is helpful for those who keep customer contacts in Excel and use SendGrid for transactional or marketing emails. High quality recipients list keeps your email out of spam folders and improves reputation. Not to mention, it saves you SendGrid credits. SendGrid Reports app helps you identify and list the ‘bad’ contacts:

  • Pull suppressed email addresses from SendGrid to Excel
  • Import reports on Bounces, Blocks, Spam, Invalid Emails, Unsubscribes
  • Use the data to clean up and update your contact list for the next campaigns. SendGrid Reports Add-in is built on Microsoft platform. MS Office Add-ins (or Office Apps) work across Excel Online, Excel 2016 and Excel 2013 desktop, Excel for iPad, Excel for Mac.

Pull bounces, spam, unsubscribe reports from SendGrid to Excel

Learn your way around:

How to add the SendGrid Reports Add-in for Excel from the Office Store

Download the add-in from the Office Store website, or directly from Excel interface:

  1. Open Excel > Insert tab > In the Add-ins group click ‘Store’ or ‘Office Add-ins’.
  2. Search for XLTools SendGrid Reports in the Store > Buy > Free Trial
  3. The add-in’s task pane will appear on the sheet. Drag and place it as you wish.

Note: you should be singed in to your Microsoft account to manage products and subscriptions:
File > Account > User Information > Sign in.

Add SendGrid Reports Add-in from the Office Store to Excel 2016 Excel 2013

Add SendGrid Reports Add-in from the Office Store to Excel Online

How to activate SendGrid Reports Add-in

  • Add the add-in to the spreadsheet > The add-in’s task pane will appear.
  • Step 1. Log in to your SendGrid account. This information is used to make requests to SendGrid API.

How to log in to SendGrid account from Excel Add-in

How to pull SendGrid suppressed emails to Excel

Follow the steps on the add-in’s panel:

  • Step 2. Select the reports you want to load: bounces, spam, invalid, etc.
    If you want the reports as separate tables, select and load reports one after one.
    If you want reports in a single table, select all reports.
  • Step 3. Select the columns you need in your report: email, date and time, data, type.
  • Select any empty cell in the spreadsheet to mark the starting cell for the output table.
  • Click ‘Load Data’ > The report table is generated in seconds.
    Now you can remove these contacts from your next marketing email campaign.

Pull all suppressed email reports from SendGrid to Excel


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  1. ray says:

    Maybe I’m not understanding the purpose of the app, but am I able to use this to email a report from excel?

    I registered with SendGrid and successfully installed this app in Excel, but I don’t see how to send this as an email from within the application.

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