How to update and upgrade XLTools Add-in for Excel

All XLTools licenses are lifetime and include 1 year of free updates and support. Once 1 year expires and a new XLTools version is released, free updates are discontinued. Registered users can either keep using their purchased version, or buy an upgrade for 60% off current license price.

We recommend that you always keep XLTools add-in up to date. The most recent version always has new and improved features and is 100% compatible with Excel and Windows updates.


How to check your XLTools version

Open Excel > XLTools tab > ‘Help‘ button > About.


How to check for available updates

Open Excel > XLTools tab > ‘Help‘ button > Check for updates.

See release notes


How to install XLTools updates

Once we release an update, XLTools will automatically notify you the next time you open Excel.

  • For 1 year from license purchase date, all major versions and minor updates are free.
  • After 1 year of free updates expires, registered users can buy an upgrade.

Option 1: Install updates right away (recommended):

  1. Notification about a new available version pops up.
  2. Agree to install updates now.
  3. Restart Excel for the changes to take effect.

Depending on your version of XLTools, you will see one of these notifications:

Screenshot: click OK to install updates for XLTools add-in

Screenshot: click Install Updates Now to update XLTools add-in

Option 2: Install updates later:

  1. Notification about a new available version pops up.
  2. Close the notification > A button ‘Update available‘ will appear on XLTools ribbon.
  3. Click the button when you are ready to install updates.

Option 3: Reinstall XLTools add-in:

To upgrade from some earlier versions to the most recent one, you may need to reinstall XLTools.

  1. Uninstall the previous version:
    Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Select ‘XLTools Add-in for Microsoft Excel‘ > Uninstall.
  2. Download and install the latest version.
  3. Activate your license:
    Your license should activate automatically. Otherwise, activate manually:
    XLTools tab > ‘License‘ button > Paste your license key > Activate.


How to buy an upgrade of a new XLTools version

After 1 year from license purchase date expires, registered users can upgrade to a new version for 60% off retail license price.

Buying an upgrade gives you:

  • Access to the new version of XLTools with new and improved tools.
  • One more year of free updates and support.
  • 100% compatibility with the latest Windows and Microsoft Excel updates.

Upgrading will take just a few minutes:

  1. Notification "A new version is available" pops up.
    Or: click the ‘Update available’ button on XLTools tab.
  2. Click "Upgrade License for 60% OFF" > Choose the license > Complete the payment.
  3. Activate the new license key.

Screenshot: click Upgrade for 60% OFF

Before buying the upgrade you can take a free trial of the new version. Or, if you decide against buying an upgrade, you can keep using your purchased version. Older XLTools versions are always available for download.


If you are running XLTools Free Version

Starting February 20, 2016, XLTools Free Version is discontinued and is no longer available.

  • You can keep using the Free Version installed earlier. However, if you remove it for any reason, or install another XLTools version, it will not be possible to recover the Free Version.
  • If you want to get the latest XLTools version, you need to purchase a license or take a free trial.
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