How to activate your XLTools license

Make sure you have the latest version of XLTools add-in installed:


Find your activation key

  • Do you want to activate a Free Trial?
    Your free trial license key was emailed to you with the download link.
  • Do you want to activate a lifetime license?
    Your license key was emailed to you after payment approval.
  • Can't find your license key?
    Please contact us to restore your key.

If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder, or contact us.


XLTools activation takes only a minute

  • Copy your activation key exactly.
  • Open Excel > XLTools tab > Click the 'License' button > Paste the key > Activate.
  • Done! XLTools features are now available.

How to activate XLTools License Key


Please note:

  • One license is valid for one device and one user only:
    If you need the add-in on two computers, two license copies are required.
    If you need the add-in for two users on the same PC, two license copies are required.
  • A separate activation is required for each computer:
    If you have purchased two or more license copies, use the same license key to activate XLTools on each computer separately.
  • One terminal server license is valid for a single server, number of end-users in unlimited. Activate for all user accounts on the terminal server at once.
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15 Responses to How to activate your XLTools license

  1. Riyaz says:

    Please forward the activation key

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hello Riyaz, you should have received the activation key by email. Please check you spam folder.

  2. Pravin Ghimire says:

    Please forward the activation key

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Hi Pravin,
      Once you download XLTools, you will get the activation key to your email automatically. If you don’t get the email within 3 min, please check your spam folder.

  3. Dmytro Neschetnyi says:

    I activate my license but in features nothing is.

  4. Krsiti White says:

    For whatever reason, the XLTools tab keep disappearing. I keep having to download the trial, then reenter my license number. Am I doing something wrong? It works for a few weeks, then disappears again. Maybe when my computer updates?

    • Maria Balobanova says:

      Dear Krsiti,

      Sometimes Excel would push out any add-ins it has installed. Please, reinstall XLTools once again to make sure you have the latest version. If XLTools tab disappears from the ribbon again, you may have to activate it manually:

      Activate XLTools manually: open Excel > File > Options > Add-Ins > Select ‘Manage ‘Com Add-Ins’ on the bottom of the box > Go > Check the box ‘XLTools Add-in for Microsoft Excel’ > Ok.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Danie Burger says:

    How to you retrieve your XLTools key? I must have deleted the email per accident.

  6. MalR says:

    Hi I downloaded it (Excel closed). I clicked on the .exe file to load it but message came up that I already have it. I must have loaded it previously. I tried File/Options/Add ins to put it onto my Add ins but the download is an .exe file not an add in. Can you advise please how to instal it once it is already loaded

    • Suraj Palshetkar says:

      I tried to install 15 days trail Xltool- software. I have some problems for the time of installation of Xltool- in my PC.
      At the time of installation of software , the error has been occurred is " access denied"
      Pls give me solution to install 15 days trial software.
      Pls do the needful.
      Thanking u 

      • Maria Balobanova says:

        Hi Suraj,

        XLTools requires administrator rights to install it on your PC. This could be one of the reasons for the error. I have sent you an email – please send me a screenshot to investigate the issue. Thank you!

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