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  • Breathtakingly easy to use on a spreadsheet!”
    – Richard

  • “I have been using Excel for many years and on the constant lookout for add-ins to help with my workflow and productivity. I work with data and databases quite a lot, and use applications to help me find and filter data. The SQL Queries and custom Automation features alone save me hours in my day to day activities. If you have repetitive tasks or need an element of database querying in Excel then this add-in is for you. XLTools team is very supportive and respond to questions very quickly.”
    – Chris

  • “The new XLTools.net Calendar add-in is excellent to use and very well designed. From a top class company making tasks much easier. Highly recommended.”
    – Robert

  • “I bought XLTools for the Unpivot feature and found it to be worth the price of the entire set of tools alone. The ability to use SQL queries in Excel makes this purchase a bargain.”
    – Lewis

  • “The reason I started using XLTools was the Calendar feature. I work mostly with Excel tables where I need to input a lot of data for travel, personnel issues and treasury management. Entering manually all those dates and having to format the cells every time became really an issue for me. So I started looking for a solution. I tried few other options, but when I found XLTools it really did everything I wanted the way I wanted. Another useful feature I use a lot is the Sheet Switcher since normally my Excel files contain many sheets and I find it really easy to navigate this way. Thank you very much again for your kind assistance and time spared for the prompt support. Wish you all the best.”
    – Nikolay

  • “You guys are doing fantastic job, keep it up. Wish you best of luck.”
    – Sarosh

  • “I really like your embeddable Calendar for Excel! I’ve tried many others from the web but most of them failed to work correctly when I sent my Excel form by email to other users. This one keeps working perfect!”
    – Arnaud

  • “SQL Queries is a must-have tool. Can’t thank you enough! 30000 items, 15 warehouses – and it takes only 4 seconds!! to select and sort items available in storage, and generate a complete table. This is FANTASTIC for Excel!!! Tech support is great above all, thank you!”
    – Vitaly

  • “I like the “hidden” functionality of the Calendar – clicking on the month and bringing up all 12 months to select another month. That is cool!”
    – Rob

  • “Thank you for building this for us users!!”
    – Heike

  • “I just installed XLTools – it is exactly what I was looking for. Worth every penny.”
    – Chris

  • “I was looking for an easy way to remove leading and trailing spaces in my spreadsheets. This worked perfectly. Thank you again for a wonderful program!”
    – John

  • “Version Control tools works exactly as I’d hoped. Nothing is lost. I can easily track changes and navigate the history of my workbook.”
    – Derek

  • “I LOVE the add-in and recommend it to everyone I know!!!”
    – Brent

  • “I like the Mail Merge tool especially. It is a great application that works perfectly.”
    – Claudio

  • A great utility, thank you!”
    – Roger


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