Watch how XLTools simplifies routine operations in Excel

XLTools is a powerful toolkit for professional work in Excel. No matter how complicated your task is, or how large your spreadsheet is – these add-ins make the difficult operations easier.

These video overviews briefly cover key functionality and possible application cases of XLTools features. If any requests for more videos, please leave a comment below.

Popup Calendar

  • Insert dates from a datepicker
  • Insert dates in cells and ranges
  • Change default format as necessary

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Unpivot Table

  • Convert a crosstab table to a flat list
  • Flatten complex 2D tables
  • Unpivot large tables

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Data Cleaning

  • Trim unwanted spaces and line breaks in cells
  • Change text case in cells and ranges
  • Convert text to numbers, or numbers to text

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Combine Cells Data

  • Combine cells contents by rows or columns
  • Merge cells without losing data
  • Set any separator between combined values

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Export to CSV

  • Export a selected range from Excel to CSV
  • Select a delimiter: comma, semicolon, tab, pipe
  • Save Excel as CSV repeatedly without closing the original Excel file

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Columns Match

  • Compare and match columns with each other
  • Match data sets against benchmarks
  • Calculate match percentage

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Repeat Selection

  • Select alternate rows or columns
  • Select cells in a checkerboard pattern
  • Select and shade cells in any repeating pattern

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Sheet Switcher

  • Alt+Arrows for Excel (works similar to Alt+Tab combination in Windows)
  • Navigate large workbooks quickly
  • Switch between the most recent sheets fast

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