Free Features
  • Popup Calendar


    You will never face a problem with date format when entering a date in a cell – just select a date from the calendar! Popup calendar is embedded XLTools option which will automatically apply correct format to a date selected in the calendar.

  • Data Cleansing


    A tool to clean data, remove redundant spaces from a text, change words to proper case, perform mass transform numbers to text and vice versa and do other useful conversions.

  • Unpivot Table


    Tables Transform wizard will help you to quickly transform complex 2D tables to flat layout which is used to generate pivot tables, import data to third-party systems and other operations.

  • Sheet Switcher


    Do you work with massive workbooks and need to quickly switch back and forth between most recent worksheets? Sheet Switcher is the right tool for you! It is Alt-Tab equivalent, but to switch between Microsoft Excel worksheets!

  • Combine Cells Data


    Combine Cells Data option provides the ability to merge data in the neighbor cells in one cell without data loss. Data from the cells will be concatenated in one string using specified delimiter.

  • Repeat Selection


    No need to press ‘Ctrl’ button and mouse click many times to select data in Excel spreadsheet in different cells. Just select the target cells, specify the range in which selection must be repeated. Here you go! Necessary cells are selected!

PRO Features
  • Version Control


    Version Control option will provide you the ability to organise Excel document versions and comments storage. You can view any required version or roll back to one of the previous versions.

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  • SQL Queries


    Simple and easy to use tool which helps you to run SQL queries against your tables in Excel workbook. With SQL Queries you can JOIN tables, apply complex filters, remove duplicated and much more!

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  • Mail Merge


    Allow you to quickly send personalized email messages based on recipients table in Excel. Columns from Excel table are used as tokens for your email template.

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  • Automation


    XLTools allows to record and execute the set of complicated commands in simple Excel-table layout! This option provides ways of repeatable operations automation to users who don’t have any knowledge in macros and coding.

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  • Online Help


    We try to help all our users whether they paid or not, but the paid customers have top priority. For paid customers we also provide online support even if your question is not directly related to XLTools. You can ask us any questions about Excel!

XLTools will make your work in Excel easier!

Do you know that the most of routine operations in MS Excel can be performed much quicker? And there are no special tricks – you just need to install XLTools – a set of useful extensions.

With the help of XLTools you can:

  • edit excel cells with the date/datetime format using popup (drop down) calendar;
  • quickly execute SQL queries against your data in Excel;
  • store a full history of changes for selected Excel documents (Version Control for Excel);
  • send personalized email messages based on recipients table in Excel;
  • make a variety of useful transformations (remove extra spaces and symbols from text, lead words to a single register, convert numbers in text and visa versa);
  • automate various operations without programming skills;
  • quickly convert complicated two-dimensional tables in flatten format;
  • compare the set of columns with each other or with standard, and find the same.