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Why professionals choose XLTools

I am a mortgage broker and I need to assess how long a mortgage takes to complete. Popup Calendar was brilliant — it allowed me just to pull down the calendar, insert the start date and the end date. Then I defined a time frame with the formula. Popup Calendar did pretty much everything I wanted it to do.
Tom AllenMortgage broker
I am a heavy user of Excel for many years, personally and professionally. These days I try to delegate a lot or use an add-in as my right-hand-man. XLTools helps me clean some data and play with dates. But to me Version Control is the most interesting. The ability to go back in time and to track where the changes were was one of the reasons why I was drawn to XLTools.
Alex GageHead of financial department

Frequent questions about XLTools Add‑in

No. XLTools Add-in is only supported for Windows. But you can run XLTools on your Mac if you use Excel on Windows virtual machine.