• Popup Calendar


    Never again will you face a problem with date formatting when entering a date in a cell – just pick a date from the calendar! The Popup Calendar will automatically apply the correct format. The calendar displays week numbers, days of the week and the current date.

  • Popup Clock


    This straightforward time picker simplifies work with time values in Excel. Edit timetables, appointments and schedules with no effort! You can insert time, or date with time into cells and ranges and set any required time format.

  • Workbook Organizer


    Your main control center! Navigate and manage multiple workbooks and worksheets at a time: add, delete, rename, sort, filter, copy, hide/unhide, protect/unprotect, save as separate files, etc.

  • Version Control


    Version Control helps save history of changes made to Excel workbooks, track and compare changes, comment on versions, or roll back to a previous version. For effective group work on a shared document, view who modified the file and when.

  • VBA Version Control


    This unique feature is essential for those who often write Excel macros. Version Control helps track changes to Excel VBA projects, compare changes in script line by line, and recover a previous version of a macro.

  • SQL Queries


    This easy to use add-in allows you to run SQL Queries directly against Excel tables. The intuitive queries editor highlights syntax and helps create queries even against tables from different spreadsheets: SELECT, JOIN, GROUP BY, DISTINCT, etc.

  • Combine Data


    With XLTools you will be able to merge cells without losing your data! Combine data in adjacent cells by columns, by rows or into a single cell, with any separator – and if necessary merge these cells in the same way.

  • Unpivot Table


    Unpivot Table will transform 2D tables and complex crosstab tables with multilevel headers to a flat list quickly and accurately! This will allow further operations on your data, e.g. PivotTable generation, charting, filtering, etc.

  • Data Cleaning


    Cleaning bulk data imported or pasted to Excel is easy now! In just one click, Data Cleaning removes extra spaces and non-printing characters, changes text case, and converts cell formats from numbers to text and vice versa.

  • Fill Blanks


    When gaps in a table complicate calculations and analysis, Fill Blanks helps instantly populate blank cells. Choose to fill blanks with values of the nearest cells: downwards, upwards, rightwards or leftwards.

  • Combine Sheets


    In a matter of seconds, the add-in copies data from multiple worksheets across different workbooks into one master worksheet. You can easily combine data from sheets with the same name and merge similar tables under a single header.

  • Split Table


    It is a fast solution to split an entire table or a range into multiple worksheets. You can harmlessly break down a report into sub-reports by key column value, or split a long list by a fixed number of rows.

  • Export to CSV


    This tool will save time for those who work a lot with data export. Now converting Excel data to plain text CSV will not exhaust you – export to CSV proceeds without closing the original Excel file or changing its format.

  • Sheet Switcher


    Do you work with large Excel workbooks and need to switch back and forth between the most recent worksheets? The Sheet Switcher by XLTools is the equivalent of Alt+Tab for Windows – it makes navigation quick and easy!

  • Disable F1/F9


    Now accidentally hitting F1 (Excel Help) or F9 (Calculate All) keys will not slow you down! Disable F1/F9 keys for all Excel spreadsheets in a second – without a macro.

  • Repeat Selection


    No need to hold ‘Ctrl’ and handpick cells to make a recurrent selection. Now shading of alternate rows, or every other column, and in a checkerboard or other pattern is done in seconds! Select the pattern once and apply it to the whole range.

  • Count by Color


    The add-in helps instantly aggregate values in a selected range based on cell background color, font color or conditional formatting color. Now you can easily calculate and compare COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX results for each color.

  • Mail Merge


    Send bulk marketing and work emails without leaving Excel interface! Mail Merges in Excel helps create email templates, attach files and send personalized messages from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, SendGrid, etc.

  • Match Columns


    This tool will help you when you need a general comparison of columns, instead of values cell-by-cell. Learn how much the columns are similar – get the exact match percentage of columns compared with each other or against your benchmark values.

  • Automation


    Automate routine operations without bulky macros and create custom buttons in Excel! XLTools helps create and execute even complicated commands in a simple Excel table layout – and basic VBA knowledge will be sufficient.

  • Online Help


    We assist all XLTools users as promptly as possible. Your questions help us improve XLTools!

XLTools add-ins make your daily work in Excel easier

  • Professional
    We do not mean complicated. We mean intuitive tools that deliver spot-on and reliable results no matter how difficult your task is.
  • Powerful
    A small but meaningful toolkit to power up your Excel. Just one tab with unique features helps prepare, analyze, save data and even automate operations easily.
  • Productive
    Get the job done much faster and with no frustrations. Do not waste your time on mindless tedious routines or painstaking bulky VBA coding.
  • We care about your experience
    We answer every question promptly. Your opinion matters! Each new version has improvements based on your feedback and real use cases.