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Choose the toolkit that is best for your Excel tasks
  • Popup Calendartoolkit

    Insert date and time in cells using a neat Excel date picker

    Whenever you work with dates and time in Excel — e.g. manage project planners, keep appointments, track inventory, prepare time reports — this date picker add-in comes in handy.

    Simply select a cell and pick a date from the Popup Calendar:

    • Insert or edit date and time
    • Populate a column or row
    • Set a preferred date-time format, etc.
  • Data Preptoolkit

    Prepare data in Excel, clean, format, transform, query, export and more

    Whenever you scrub raw data, assemble reports from multiple files, or otherwise prepare data in Excel — you can stop wasting hours of your time on tedious manual work.

    This set of Data Prep add-ins cut laborious tasks down to a few clicks:

    • Clean data from unwanted characters
    • Transform crosstab tables to flat lists
    • Combine multiple sheets into one
    • Join tables using SQL queries, etc.
  • Version Controltoolkit

    Save backups and track changes to workbooks and VBA projects

    For some mission-critical spreadsheets versioning is crucial, especially when more than one person is involved. You need to safely backup the files and record who changed what and when.

    This Version Control add-in helps you keep track of changes:

    • Keep a change log of who, when and what
    • Compare versions of a worksheet or a VBA project
    • Roll back and restore any previous version, etc.
  • Automationtoolkit

    Automate custom repetitive tasks in Excel without VBA macros

    When you have recurring tasks in Excel — e.g. create a routine management report or regularly query orders — automating these processes can save you a lot of time and frustrations.

    This Automation add-in offers a new method for streamlining recurring tasks without bulky VBA:

    • Set up automation in a compact table
    • Automate complex multi-step workflows
    • Add custom buttons on Excel ribbon, etc.

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