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Automate repetitive tasks without VBA macros: write commands in a table and run processes in a click


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  • Automate easily

    Create, modify and debug commands without massive VBA scripts.

  • Save time

    Write commands once and run automatically over and over again.

  • Access all tools

    This comprehensive toolkit gives you full access to all XLTools features.

  • Get support

    Benefit from detailed docs, prompt support and on-demand development.

  • Pay once & use forever

    Lifetime license, 1 year of free upgrades, free support.

Automate spreadsheets easily and efficiently

Set up automationof your routines in a compact Excel table

  • Automate repetitive Excel tasks without VBA programming! Instead of macros, write automation commands in a simple Excel table.

    Unlike massive VBA scripts, tables are compact, informative and easy to debug and modify.

We had to create a system which would generate reports based on data from about 20 testing labs. Initial method was taking 20 days of awful work. Now we can do all the work in just 2 hours. The automated process is open for future changes, scripts are easy to modify.
Carlo Melis,IT consultant

Automate entire processesusing extensive list of commands

  • You can automatically build reports, refine data, export datasets, etc. Basically, automate almost any custom business process in Excel.

    The add-in supports extensive list of automation commands. New commands may be developed on demand.

I am on the constant lookout for Excel add-ins to help with my workflow and productivity. Automation and SQL Queries features alone save me hours in my day to day activities. If you have repetitive tasks or need an element of database querying in Excel, then this add-in is for you.
Chris Jaisingh,IT manager

Add custom buttonson Excel ribbon and run commands in a click

  • Add your own buttons on ribbon and assign them to your automation commands.

    Now a single button click will trigger the entire automated workflow run.

We use Excel on a daily basis to prepare production files for our manufacturing system. XLTools gives us data manipulation tools that are missing from Excel. We went from a 3-hour manual process to an automated process that takes less than 10 minutes. We are thrilled with the results!
Paul Albus,IT manager

Also included in Automation toolkit

    Extra toolsto streamline tasks

    • Tools that simplify stand-alone tedious tasks: prepare and clean data, transform and query tables, export data to CSV, combine and split worksheets and more.

XLTools Automation toolkit


Lifetime license. 1 year of free updates. Free support.

Frequent questions about XLTools Automation

XLTools Automation is useful when you want to save time on your common, routine Excel tasks which you run over and over again. For example:

  • Regularly prepare and export data to external systems
  • Automatically generate routine reports
  • Query orders on a daily basis, etc.

The toolkit will be especially helpful for advanced users, IT managers and Excel consultants.

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