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Simplify your data preparation workload: clean, format, transform, query, export data and more

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  • Refine data easily

    The toolkit covers the best part of all essential data preparation needs.

  • Minimize errors

    Get rid of manual data manipulations and prevent human errors.

  • Get quality data

    Get clean, well-formatted and reliable data for further analysis.

  • Process bulk data

    Process dozens of worksheets and thousands of rows in a click.

  • Pay once & use forever

    Lifetime license, 1 year of free upgrades, free support.

Prepare spreadsheets for analysis faster

Clean spreadsheetsto get well formatted and consistent data

  • Edit entire worksheets in seconds! Trim leading and trailing spaces, remove any redundant spaces, line breaks, non-printing characters, etc.

When you inherit data from another department you have zero control of the quality of the data and need to clean it. You know it can take a week. I like to do things with the add-in within 5 min and work on the value-added tasks.
Alex Gage,head of financial department

Transform and rearrangetables, sheets and workbooks

  • Transform crosstab tables to flat lists in a seconds! The add-in will accurately process multilevel headers, blank cells and merged cells.

We work with huge datasets in Excel. Manual formatting can take weeks, so we use XLTools to restructure and transform data into machine-readable format and get it ready for our BI platform.
Pavel Prokhorov,data analyst

Run SQL queriesdirectly on Excel tables

  • Query and transform your Excel tables using SQL. Generate SELECT statements, use LEFT JOIN, GROUP BY, DISTINCT, and other SQLite operators.

    Intuitive query editor displays all available tables and highlights syntax.

SQL Queries is a must-have tool. 30K items, 15 warehouses, and it takes only 4 seconds to select and sort items in storage and generate a complete table.
Vitaly Taneev,head of supply chain operations

Calculate, aggregate and match values

  • Instantly aggregate values and calculate COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX based on cell background color or font color.

Our team prepares a monthly report to evaluate the performance of our retail store locations. Matching columns allows us compare locations’ KPIs and see if they meet the targets.
Michael Pedersen,retail operations manager

Export Excel to CSVwith your custom settings

  • Easily convert Excel tables to plain text CSV files. Choose tab, pipe or any other delimiter. Set UTF-8, ISO or other character encoding.

    Unlike the standard “Save As CSV” operation, exporting a range proceeds without closing the original Excel file.

Send personalized emailsto your Excel contact list using Mail Merge

  • Send work and marketing emails to people in your Excel contact list without leaving Excel interface!

    Set up mail merge (without Word) with your Outlook, Gmail, or other email account and send personalized emails in a click.

Enjoy handy productivity toolsand shortcuts

  • Switch back and forth between the most recent worksheets. It works similar to Alt+Tab shortcut in Windows.

Also included in Data Prep toolkit

    Popup Calendar toolsto insert dates in cells

    • Insert dates and time in cells from a handy Popup Calendar. Simply select a cell and pick the necessary date or time from the date picker.

      You can also embed the calendar into your workbooks and make it a part of spreadsheets you share with other people.

XLTools Data Prep toolkit


per user/computer

Lifetime license. 1 year of free updates. Free support.

Frequent questions about XLTools Data Prep

The Data Prep toolkit is best in situations when you need to prepare spreadsheets and improve data quality quickly and accurately. For example:

  • Scrub messy raw data before analysis
  • Create consolidated reports from disparate sheets
  • Assemble master workbooks from multiple files
  • Get data sets ready for export to external systems, etc.

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