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Keep an audit trail: store backups and track changes to workbooks and VBA projects


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  • Set up quickly

    Enable version control of a spreadsheet in a single click.

  • Use easily

    Commit versions to Git repository instead of creating dozens of file copies.

  • Keep backups

    Easily retrieve and roll back to any previous version at any time.

  • Work together better

    Minimize errors and keep a change log: who modified a file, when, what was changed.

  • Pay once & use forever

    Lifetime license, 1 year of free upgrades, free support.

Put spreadsheets under reliable version control

Track changesand retrieve any previous spreadsheet version

  • The change log maintains clear records of version history: who changed the file and when. Add comments while committing a version to change log.

Before version control I was basically duplicating spreadsheets, literally renaming the files. But when you start circulating a spreadsheet, it’s difficult to keep tabs on who does what. It’s really easy with XLTools to see what happened from one generation of a spreadsheet to another.
Alex Gage,head of financial department

Compare versionsand see what was changed in a workbook

  • Compare any two versions of a worksheet and see the differences highlighted. Easily review what was changed from version to version.

We have a critical spreadsheet that we use in our equipment testing process. It’s important that we track the changes, go back and review that at any point. The power of XLTools for me is that it can display exactly what’s been changed, and differences are clearly indicated.
Richard Williams,operations manager

Local Git repositorysafely stores spreadsheet revision history

  • When you enable version control for Excel workbook, a folder of a local Git repository is automatically created on your computer. It safely stores all committed versions.

  • Local git repository with spreadsheet versions closeup

Also included in Version Control toolkit

    Time-saving toolsto work with data

    • A set of tools to process data: clean data from unwanted characters, unpivot tables, run sql queries, combine worksheets, export to CSV and much more.

XLTools Version Control toolkit


Lifetime license. 1 year of free updates. Free support.

Frequent questions about XLTools Version Control

XLTools Version Control is a source control, or a revision control tool for Excel. It is invaluable when versioning of a spreadsheet is crucial. For example, when you need to:

  • Keep an audit trail of mission-critical spreadsheets
  • Collaborate on a file and track who changed what
  • Go back and restore a previous version
  • See what’s changed in a workbook or a VBA project, etc.

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