Get started with XLTools in no time

XLTools is a powerful add-in for Excel designed for business users. It will help you prepare data, track changes and automate tasks in Excel quicker and easier.

Whether you have just started a free trial or bought a lifetime license, this introduction guide will help you put XLTools to work.

Step 1. Add XLTools tab in Excel

Adding XLTools tab to Excel ribbon takes only 3 minutes or even less.

  1. Download the add-in

    Provide your email address We will send you the download link immediately.

  2. Install the add-in

    Follow the download link in your email Install XLTools on your computer like any other program.

    Just in case, here is the detailed Installation Guide.

  3. Open Excel

    Open Excel and see that the ribbon now includes XLTools tab.

Note: When you install XLTools for the first time, your 14-day free trial will start automatically. All features will be available. Once you purchase and activate a lifetime license, you will have access to the features included in your license.

Step 2. Take a quick tour of XLTools ribbon

XLTools Add-in contains 20+ different features to simplify your work in Excel. All the tools are arranged on the ribbon in groups by the type of tasks.

Get started with XLTools ribbon
  • Date & Time group

    Popup Calendar to insert date and time in cells.

  • Clean group

    A set of tools to clean and refine data in cells.

  • Transform group

    A set of tools to transform and rearrange tables and worksheets.

  • SQL Queries group

    A tool to run SQL queries against Excel tables.

  • Calculate group

    A set of tools to perform calculations.

  • Export group

    An advanced tool to export Excel ranges to CSV format.

  • Mail Merge group

    A mail merge tool to send emails to your contact list in Excel.

  • Automation group

    An advanced tool to automate custom repetitive tasks in Excel.

  • Version Control group

    A spreadsheet versioning tool to track changes and save backups.

  • Help group

    Here you can configure settings and shortcuts, activate your license, check for updates and contact support.

Tip: Hover the cursor over a ribbon button and a helpful tooltip will appear. For detailed documentation about a specific feature: Click a button A dialogue box will open Click a question-mark link on the bottom of the box The online guide will open.

Step 3. Get in touch if you need tech support

Our team is always happy to hear from you! Technical support is free and available online. It’s always prompt and friendly.

Please let us know if something is not working, or if you want to share your ideas of new features. Each new XLTools version has improvements based on user feedback and real use cases.

There are multiple ways you can reach us:

  • From the add-in

    XLTools tab In the Help group click the Support button Send Feedback Describe your issue and send the message.

  • On the website

    Visit the Support page Fill out and send the contact form.

  • Email us directly

    Send us an email to

We will get back to you within 24 business hours. Or faster :)