Mail Merge in Excel without Word

Send bulk personalized email directly from Excel interface

Today bulk email is expected to be personalized by default. Any type – from corporate newsletters to mass marketing campaigns. Different approaches – from standard mail merge in MS Word to sophisticated SendGrid or Mailchimp. One common thing is keeping a contact list in Excel. So can you do Mail Merge without Word or running additional software?

The Mail Merge in Excel is fast and easy:

  • Send bulk personalized email directly from Excel interface
  • No need to switch windows, import data, run Word or additional software.
  • Connect to any email provider via SMTP – Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Use TXT or HTML email templates and add any personalized fields

Overview of XLTools Mail Merge in Excel without Word

Add XLTools Mail Merge to Excel 2016-2007

Works with: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and desktop version of Office 365.

Download XLTools Add-in

Learn your way around:

How does Mail Merge in Excel work

Mail Merge add-in is NOT an email service provider. It is a productivity add-in that simplifies sending bulk email. No need to open Word or even email, or switch between applications back and forth. All is done directly in Excel interface.

You can connect to any of your active email accounts:

  • Connect to Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, ISP, web hosting providers, etc. – private or corporate
  • Or, connect to an SMTP relay service like SendGrid or MailChimp

Create an email template with personalized fields:

  • Add as many personalized fields to your Excel contact list as necessary
  • Create an email template (TXT or HTML) and add the personalized fields into the template

Send out emails from Excel, without opening other programs or email:

  • Emails are sent to each recipient in your contact list, one after another
  • Sent emails can later be found in the ‘Outgoing’ or ‘Sent’ folders

How create a contact list in Excel

A contact in Excel also serves as a data source for Mail Merge. Each row of the contact list stands for one recipient. Each column represents a personalized field. Names of these fields will later serve as tokens for an email template.

  • Create the list from scratch:
  1. Click the ‘Create Mailing List’ button on the XLTools tab.
  2. Select fields, e.g. First Name, Last Name, or add later on, e.g. Coupon.
    By default the first column is the Email column – it is included automatically.
  3. Select the starting cell to place the list > Click ‘Create’.
  4. Done, a table is immediately created > Fill it in with your data.
  • Use your existing recipients list:
  1. Open your contact list in Excel.
  2. Format it as a table:
    Select the list > Click ‘Format as a Table’ on the ‘Home’ tab > Apply any suitable table style.
  3. Name the fields, e.g. Email, First Name, Last Name, Coupon.
  4. Done!

How to create a contact list in Excel for Mail Merge

How to connect Mail Merge to your email

  1. Click ‘Settings’ button on the XLTools tab > Open ‘Mail Merge (SMTP)’ tab.
  2. ‘Sender email’ – your sending email address.
  3. ‘SMPT Server’ and ‘Port’ populate automatically, otherwise contact your system administrator.
  4. ‘From Name’ – your name, or company name as you want it to display in recipients’ mailboxes.
    E.g. ‘Customer Care Service’
  5. ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ – access your sending email account.
  6. Tick the box ‘Use SSL/TLS’ if necessary.
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols create a secure link between your email server and your computer.

How to connect Mail Merge to any email SMTP

What is the sending limit of XLTools Mail Merge

XLTools Mail Merge is not a email service provider and does not impose a sending limit. Bulk email is sent from your account.

Note that each email provider has own policies on sending quotas and mailbox size. Contact your email provider to find out your SMTP email sending limit. Exceeding the limit may lead to lockdown, blacklisting, additional costs or other penalties. E.g. free email providers like Gmail and Hotmail have about 100 messages/day limit for private accounts.

How to create a template and send personalized emails

  1. Select the table range of the contact list.
  2. Click ‘Send Emails’ on the XLTools tab.
  3. Verify the column, which contains recipients’ email addresses.
    E.g. select the ‘Email’ field.
  4. ‘Email Subject’ – as you want it to display in recipients’ mailboxes.
    E.g. type ‘Your Coupon for 30% discount on all products’.
  5. View all the tokens available for use in your email template.
  6. ‘Get email template from’:
    •     ‘plain text editor’ – type a message right away.
    •     Or, ‘My computer’ – add an existing HTML or TXT template from you computer.
    •     Add tokens in square brackets e.g. [First Name], [Coupon].
  7. Click ‘Send’ > Mail Merge immediately sends bulk email (one message after another).
  8. Email status will appear in the last column of the list.

Please note: after you click ‘Send’, you can no longer make changes until all emails are sent. We recommend that you test your template first. E.g. create an additional recipients list with some of your own test email addresses. Check that all tokens display properly, check for errors or typos in the subject field and the message. Make sure email has a professional look!

How to create an email template with mail merge

Mail Merge in Excel bulk email sent successfully


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5 Responses to Mail Merge in Excel without Word

  1. Chris says:

    Is it possible to have a one-to-many mail merge e.g. to send values from multiple rows in one mail if the email address is the same. I ma looking to send data for multiple employees to one manager so if:

    employee 1 data1 data2
    employee2 data1 data2
    employee3 data1 data2

    manager1 gets a one mail with data for 2 employees
    manager2 gets 1 mail for 1 employee

    is this possible?

  2. Peter Liapin says:

    Hello Claudio,

    Sorry for the delay with the answer. Yes, it will be possible in the new version of XLTools which we are going to release really soon.

  3. Claudio says:

    Good afternoon and congratulations for the free application that works perfectly.
    I would be interested in the mail merge and I wonder if it is possible to insert an attachment to the email.
    Thanks and regards

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