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About this list of Excel resources

Do you know everything there is to know about Microsoft Excel? We don't, for sure :) So, we keep learning and keep an eye on Excel developments to make our XLTools add-in better for you.

We have hand-picked some resources for Excel enthusiasts and experts. These are not affiliate links and we do not receive compensation if you follow these links.

Official Microsoft Excel Sources

TOP 10 Excel think tanks

Our TOP 10 pick from world known Excel gurus and acknowledged MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals). They share tons of useful materials, solutions and their passion for Microsoft Excel.

  • is driven by Purna Duggirala’s passion ‘to make you awesome in Excel and charting’. Find 500+ excellent tutorials, downloadable workbooks, Q&A forum and more.
  • has an extensive collection of easy-to-follow Excel tutorials, videos and sample files. Operated by Debra Dalgleish, this blog is well known to every Excel user.
  • Chip Pearson covers all aspects of Excel, from simple formulas through Automation and VBA coding.
  • Daily Dose of Excel is a blog run by Dick Kusleika with his own posts, as well as from other fellow Excel experts.
  • Excel Guru is run by Ken Puls and has a vast knowledge base, blog and forum devoted mostly to Excel developers. Each post is well thought out and well tested.
  • Excel Hero blog is run by Daniel Ferry for you ‘to become an Excel Hero in your workplace’.
  • Excel User was founded by Charley Kyd. It has numerous free charts, guides, templates and dashboards dedicated mainly to business use of Excel.
  • is an entire community led by Bill Jelen. In this ‘One stop for Excel tips and solutions’ you can post a question in the forum and browse hundreds of posts and video tutorials.
  • Peltier Tech Blog by Jon Peltier focuses on Excel charts and programming and provides numerous tutorials and examples of VBA and visualizations.
  • Ron de Bruin focuses primarily on Excel automation and shares many practical VBA tips.

More tips from Excel gurus

More tips, tricks and materials from respected professionals in Excel community.

  • The Spreadsheet Page by John Walkenbach, the author of Excel Bible and other books, has great Excel tips, books and utilities.
  • Newton Excel Bach by Doug Jenkins is an Excel blog for engineers and scientists.
  • The Spreadsheet Guru Chris Newman presents clear and simple VBA tutorials and utilities for data analysts.
  • ExcelTips by Allen Wyatt shares tips and ideas to be more productive in Excel.
  • Logicwurks, founded by Rich Locus, shares plenty of actual code examples for Excel automation.
  • Trump Excel by Sumit Bansal contains basic Excel tutorials, as well as tips for advanced users about formulas, charting, VBA and more.
  • Andrew’s Excel Tips by Andrew Engwirda is a blog and a directory for Excel formulas, formatting, shortcuts and VBA.
  • Power Spreadsheets website where Jorge Gomez provides hands-on, detailed and comprehensive Excel and VBA tutorials.
  • Excel Ticker is a blog (mostly in German) by Mourad Louha with the focus on Excel development and VBA.
  • Monsieur Excel blog (in French) is operated by Hervé Thiriez. It has detailed tips, templates, macros, etc. for advanced Excel users.
  • Cooking Excel blog (in French) by Jérémy Laplaine has a unique take on ‘Excel kitchen’ and a mix of cases, formulas, features, shortcuts, VBA and more.

Excel forums and Q&A

In case of Excel-related emergency, you can ask Excel community for help and get an answer fast. Or join these communities to contribute your knowledge and find fresh approaches to familiar tasks.

  • Super User and Stack Overflow are the largest Q&A communities for programmers and computer enthusiasts. They are helpful for complex Excel programming questions.
  • Reddit Excel community is dedicated to Excel challenges and Q&A.
  • Excel Forum has over 3 million posts with Q&A both to basic and advanced questions.
  • Excel Banter is another popular forum that covers all aspects of Microsoft Excel.
  • Xtreme VB Talk is the place to find answers and insights to challenges of VBA programming in Excel.
  • Excel TV is a weekly Google hangout, where experts discuss Excel industry news, review brainteasers, offer tips and tricks and share fun stories.

Learning the power of Excel

Whether you prefer self-help, online or onsite training, there are hundreds of options for any level, beginner or expert. Here are just a few links to get your search started.

  • Microsoft Training Center with courses, guides and videos about Excel.
  • ExcelFind is an up and coming platform with valuable Excel resources. Here you can find courses, add-ins and tutorials. Marco Seidler also shares amazing guides on things you can do with Excel beyond tables: interactive dashboards, map charts, Pivot Tables and more.
  • Spreadsheeto is cofounded by Kasper Langmann and Mikkel Sciegienny who are truly passionate about Excel. Here you can find about 200 easy-to-follow tutorials. Or take actionable and user-friendly Excel courses – start with the free online training that adapts to your skill level.
  • Webucator specializes on IT training and offers variety of learning solutions, including training for Microsoft Office Specialist certification.
  • Deskbright founded by Sam McIntire has free self-study guides on Excel basics, formulas, functions, etc. Learn online or sign up for a training.
  • Spreadsheet channel at is led by Ted French and has a free comprehensive set of step-by-step tutorials for anyone who wants to learn Excel.
  • Excel Easy founded by Niels Weterings provides 300+ examples on Excel basics, functions, data analysis and VBA programming. Free and illustrated tutorials to build your skills from ground up.
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