How to use XLTools functions in Excel

Functions make Excel a very powerful and flexible tool. It allows you to create the formulas just the way you need them. Excel has nearly 500 functions, and new ones are occasionally introduced. Sometimes, however, you may come across a situation, when there is no simple and ready-to-use function for your task.

XLTools Add-in offers additional functions that will improve your data processing efficiency. See the list of all supported functions below.

Before you begin, add XL functions to Excel

Functions are one of the 20+ features within XLTools Add-in for Excel. Works in Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, desktop Office 365.

– free trial gives you 14 days of full access to all features.

List of supported functions

This is the list of all supported XLTools functions. To learn how to apply a specific function, click on the link to the detailed guide in the table.

XL.Random Array function Returns a set of random numbers, including unique numbers.
XL.DateAdd Date and time function Adds years, months, hours, etc. to the date.
XL.DateToTicks Date and time function Calculates the number of ticks that represent the specified date and time.
XL.FindEmail Text function Returns a first email address found in a text string.
XL.FindNumber Text function Returns a first number found in a text string.
XL.FormatPhoneNumber Text function Parses the input text and formats it as a phone number.
XL.CountWords Text function Returns word count in a range.
XL.Concatenate Text function Concatenates all values in a range into one string.
XL.StringFormat Text function Replaces the format item in a specified string with the string representation of a corresponding object in a specified array.
XL.FormatDate Text function Converts date and time value to its equivalent string representation.
XL.ComputeMD5Hash Text function Computes the hash string value for the specified text string with a specified encoding.
XL.HexColorToRGB Text function Converts a string with HEX color format to its equivalent in RGB format.
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