Why purchase an upgrade

Licenses for all XLTools toolkits are lifetime and include 1 year of free updates. After that, you can upgrade for 60% off standard price.

When you buy an upgrade, you get:

  • New and improved features added in the latest version
  • Patches and fixes to match recent Excel and Windows updates
  • One more year of all major and minor updates
  • Free support, as always prompt and friendly

You can always check out what's new inRelease Notes.

How to purchase an upgrade

When it's time to upgrade, XLTools will automatically remind you the next time you open Excel.

  1. Notification "New version is available" pops up ClickUpgrade License.
  2. The website will open Select the toolkit to upgrade to ClickBuy.
  3. The checkout page will open Complete the payment.
    Provide a valid email address, we will use it to send you the new license key.
  4. Find the new license key in your email.
    No email? Check your spam folder.
Questions?Find answers toFrequent Questionsorcontact us.

Bought an upgrade? Thank you! Now you can access all the latest updates.

  1. Activate your new license key:

    Open Excel XLTools tab Click theLicensebutton Paste the key Activate.
  2. Install updates:

    Open Excel XLTools tab Helpbutton Check for updates Install.
    Or:use theUpdate Guide.
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