Releases and updates

Each XLTools version has new features and improvements based on your feedback and real use cases.
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Version 5.7

Version 5.7.1 (October 28, 2021)


This release is focused on bug fixes and compatibility with Microsoft updates:

  • Microsoft will soon launch Office 2021 and Windows 11. We have ensured that XLTools remains compatible and fully operational on the updated systems. Let us know if you find any problems.
  • Fixed installation errors relating to the lack of necessary Microsoft prerequisites, updated the Repair Tool.
  • In the Loop Macro tool, added a reminder to enable macros in the Trust center. Otherwise, a recorded macro will not display in the list of all macros to run.

Version 5.7.0

This release brings new long-awaited functionality:

  • Introducing a new toolTask Scheduler. You can schedule and run automation commands at a specific time and at set intervals: every few hours, days, weeks, or months.
  • Created a new feature Export Sheets. It helps save multiple Excel worksheets at once as separate files in TXT, PDF, HTML and other formats. You can also split a workbook into multiple separate XLSX and XLS files.
  • Expanded the functionality of Export to CSV tool. Now you can add double or single quote or any other character as a field qualifier.
  • Similarly, amended automation commands ExportToCSV and SaveSheetsAsFiles to include these new options.
  • Added a new automation command RefreshWorkbook. The command recalculates the entire workbook and refreshes all external data connections at the same time.
  • Expanded the functionality of the ExportToMySQL command. Now, when you export a table from Excel into a MySQL database, and the table doesn’t exist in the database yet, it will be created automatically. If the table does exist, you can either append or truncate it.

Version 5.6

Version 5.6.0

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)

New exciting tools in this version!

  • Introducing a new unique featureLoop Macro. It allows you to record a macro and loop it through all Excel workbooks in a folder without coding. Use it, for example, to push the same changes across multiple similar workbooks at once.
  • Developed a few new automation commands: LoopCommands, LoopFiles, and LoopRange. These commands allow running automation in cycles, i.e. repeat operations as many times as necessary. Detailed guides are coming soon.
  • Added a quick access button to run automation commands. Now, in addition to the Execute Commands button on the toolbar, you can also use the quick access button. Simply select the automation table and the button will appear right next to the table.
  • Another quick access button makes inserting ranges in automation tables easier. Select the cell with the Range parameter – the button will pop up next to the cell – select the range as usual. The inserted range reference will be dynamic, and if you add or delete rows or columns, the reference will automatically adjust.
  • Continued our efforts to improve scaling of dialogue boxes on large screens with high resolution.
  • Updated the Repair Tool that helps fix XLTools installation issues. Now it also supports older versions in case you need to recover a previously purchased version on your computer.

Version 5.5

Version 5.5.0

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)

This major release includes new functionality.

  • Introducing the new feature Add Characters. You can add text strings at the beginning, at the end, or at another position in cells.
  • One more new feature: Delete Characters. It helps delete text strings by their position in cells or by character type.
  • Changed the structure of the Clean group on the ribbon. Now Fill Blank Cells, Text Case and Text to Number features are quickly accessible via separate buttons.
  • Improved the Clean Cells feature: changed the inconvenient side panel view to a familiar window. Also developed new functionality that will help find and delete all non-breaking “&nbps” spaces.
  • Significantly improved XLTools productivity. This reduces the risk of Excel crashing down when you work with massive spreadsheets.
  • Refactored the scaling of dialogue boxes to improve the display on screens with high resolution. This is a complex issue and we will continue these efforts in the next versions.

Version 5.4

Version 5.4.3

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)

Issued a new security certificate, which should eliminate the error “the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest or its location is not trusted”. If you see this error during installation or an update, please refer to Troubleshooting or contact us.

Version 5.4.2

This version is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Improved notifications about available updates.
  • Improved error messages and validation of SMTP server and port settings in the Mail Merge feature.
  • When inserting an Automation command on a new sheet, the columns’ width will now autofit.
  • Fixed a bug in the Split Table which appeared when splitting a table by number of rows.
  • Fixed visibility of the Popup Calendar icon and form.
  • Improved the Embedded Calendar (beta) to minimize errors in cases when a workbook contains other custom macros.

Version 5.4.1

This version brings brand new functionality, as well as significant improvements to the Automation feature.

  • Introducing a new featureFunctions. This set of additional functions that will improve your data processing efficiency. Currently the set includes 10 new functions.
  • Based on your requests, most of the Automation commands now support file path references to closed files. We've also supported references to entire worksheets and tables.
  • Improved 5 Automation commands: ExportToCSV, FlatTextToTable, RecalculateRange, UnifyDateFormat, and SplitTable. Detailed support guides with examples are coming soon.
  • Added user-friendly tooltips, validation and error messages for Automation commands.
  • Expanded functionality of the Export to CSV feature. Now you can save all worksheets in a workbook as CSV files in one click.
  • Refactored the popular Repeat Selection tool. Now selection of alternate rows and columns, or any other selection pattern, goes 10 times faster.
  • Fixed bugs in the Popup Calendar related to the drop-down icon and inserting consecutive dates.

Version 5.3

Version 5.3.2 hotfix

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)

Due to many requests, the Popup Calendar is supported in Page Layout view again. Thank you for your feedback!
  • To open the calendar, select a cell or a rangeClick the Popup Calendar button on XLTools ribbon, or right-click and select calendar from the context menuThe calendar will pop upPick a date or time to insert.
  • Calendar icons next to date and time cells remain unavailable. In the next releases we will work further on the issue.
  • If you notice inconsistent calendar behavior in the Page Layout view, please switch to Normal worksheet view.

Version 5.3.1

  • Introducing a new featureUnify Date Format. It helps find all date, time, or date & time cells and change their format across the entire workbook.

    In the Date & Time group open the drop-down list Select "Unify date and time format" Specify settings and choose the preferred format OK.

  • Also added a new automation command XLTools.UnifyDateTime, so that you can unify date and time format as a part of your automation process.

    In the Automation group open the drop-down list Select command XLTools.UnifyDateTime Specify parameters Execute command.

  • Added a new shortcut to Recalculate Range. Simply press Alt+F9 to recalculate formulas only in a selected range.

  • Based on your feedback, updated the Embedded Calendar (beta). Now you can embed and change settings of the calendar embedded into a specific workbook in just a few clicks.

  • Improved the way to set a preferred date-time format for the Popup Calendar and Clock. When you select a preset format option or set any custom format – you will see a preview of how dates and time will display in cells (uses current date and time as an example).

  • Improved the display of the Popup Calendar and Clock so that they are fully visible even if your Excel window is not full screen.

  • Fixed a bug in the Popup Calendar related to column width autofit. Now autofit will not apply to merged cells to keep your document templates intact.

  • Expanded functionality of automation commands XLTools.ExportToCSV and XLTools.SaveSheetsAsFiles. Now you can convert worksheets to csv, txt, xml or another file format easier.

  • Added the automation command XLTools.FlatTextToTable. It allows import of unstructured data from text files directly to Excel columns.

  • Fixed minor bugs, improved UI.

Version 5.3.0

This version brings new functionality and transition to new licenses:

  • Presenting a long-awaited feature – the Embedded Calendar (beta version). Now you can embed a sharable date picker into your spreadsheet and it will be available to other users of this spreadsheet. Let us know what you think!
  • On June 28, 2020 we introduced changes to XLTools licenses. The transition to new licenses will be automatic, no action required. Learn about effect on lifetime licenses.
  • Fixed minor bugs to improve performance.

Version 5.2

Version 5.2.2

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)
  • Added a quick access button to save worksheets as separate files:

    XLTools tab Open the drop-down for the Workbook Organizer Click "Save all sheets as separate files" Specify the destination folder Done!

  • Improved the Combine Data feature. Now it supports all types of ranges, so you can easily combine data and merge cells in large ranges, non-adjacent ranges, the entire sheet, etc. When you work with non-adjacent ranges, you can choose to process each range separately vs. treat them as a single range.

  • Expanded the range selection functionality of Data Cleaning, and made it is easy to select and clean an entire sheet.

  • Now you can turn off notifications about available updates:

    XLTools tab Settings "Other" tab Check the box "Turn off popup update notifications".

  • Improved messages about sending errors in Mail Merge. Now instead of the less informative "The operation has timed out", you can see what exactly went wrong: invalid email address, exceeded message size limit, wrong attachment file path, etc.

  • Fixed a bug in Mail Merge that used to convert dates to numeric values in email content.

  • Added a notification that the Popup Calendar is not supported for the Page Layout workbook view. Please switch to Normal worksheet view to use the Popup Calendar.

  • Fixed the error in the Split Table feature "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The error appeared when splitting table by column values and when those values varied by text case. Now the feature discards text case and quickly processes values.

  • Fixed a bug in Export to CSV which appeared when Excel text strings contained various quotation marks.

  • Fixed an error when inserting the XLTools.ExportToMySQL automation command.

Version 5.2.1

In this version we have improved the design and usability of XLTools ribbon, and also expanded some features:

  • Note the new logo and icons, drop-down lists for operations and quick access to features’ settings.

  • Check out the updated grouping of buttons: Date and Time, Clean, Transform, SQL Queries, Calculate, Export, Mail Merge, Version Control, Automation, Information. This task-specific grouping helps find the necessary operation much faster.

  • Important: the buttons of Sheet Switcher and Repeat Selection were removed from the ribbon. But you can still launch these operations with keyboard shortcuts, which you can set here:

    Click "Settings" button Select "Shortcuts" tab.

  • We have simplified access to support team. Now you can contact us directly from the ribbon:

    Click "Contact support" in the Help group Send your feedback, ideas or any errors you come across.

  • Expanded the Workbook Organizer functionality by integrating it with the Export to CSV feature. Now you can select multiple sheets and save them as separate CSV files all at once, with any separator and any encoding.

  • Added an option to the Combine Sheets feature to place results to an active workbook.

  • Developed additional options for the Split Table feature. Now you can place the resulting sheets to the active workbook, to a new workbook, or save sheets as separate files. Where necessary, the existing sheets are replaced correctly.

We have also introduced some minor improvements and fixed bugs:

  • Mail Merge does not freeze panes when creating a list of recipients. Also, after you send emails to your contact list, the status column shows the date and time when the messages were sent.
  • Fixed a bug in the Export to CSV feature and now formatted values export properly.
  • Improved Workbook Organizer: protecting sheets, selecting and navigating worksheets became easier.
  • Fixed an error when inserting the XLTools.SaveSheetsAsFiles automation command.

Version 5.2.0

In this major release we have significantly expanded Version Control functionality.

  • Now you can choose to commit a version every time you save a file:

    XLTools tab Settings button Version Control tab Check the box "Commit a version to Change Log every time I save the workbook with changes."

    Note: if you made no changes since the last commit and clicked Save file (Ctrl+S), the version of the book will not be committed, not to cram the Change Log with identical versions.

  • Version Control now integrates with Microsoft Spreadsheet Inquire plugin. Users of Office Professional Plus (version Excel 2013 and higher) and Office 365 Professional Plus can add the Inquire plugin to Excel and compare any two versions of a workbook in detail: see changes in values, formulas, formats, macros, etc.

    Open Change Log Select any two workbook versions In the menu or in the context menu, click "Diff with Current version in Inquire" or "Diff with Previous version in Inquire" Comparison will open in Inquire plugin.

  • You can compare any version with the current or previous version much easier:

    Open Change Log Select a version of a workbook, a worksheet or a VBA project In context menu select "Diff with Current version" or "Diff with Pervious version".

    Also, you can double-click on a version It will open in a temporary file and the differences with the previous version will be highlighted.

  • You can roll back to any previous version in a click:

    Open Change Log Select a version of a workbook, worksheet, chart sheet, or VBA project In the menu or in the context menu, click "Roll back to this version".

  • Version Control is now supported for hidden and protected worksheets, as well as chart sheets.

  • Find a specific version in Change Log became much easier:

    Filter versions to display worksheets, VBA projects or chart sheets.

    Run a text search within versions’ names, comments and authors.

  • When you open or compare versions, theу are opened in a temporary file. We have added a clear indication of that and disabled XLTools ribbon in temporary files to eliminate confusion between work files and temp files.

This release also includes a few smaller improvements:

  • Improved the upgrade process. Now you can try the latest version for free. You can easily purchase an upgrade, or go back to your previous purchased version and upgrade at any time later.

  • The Split Table feature processes even large tables error-free and quickly. When you split a table by column values, but these values contain forbidden characters or are too long than permitted for a sheet name, the add-in will automatically fix that.

  • Now you can create automation commands even faster:

    XLTools Tab Click the drop-down nearside the "Add Custom Buttons" button Select the command The automation table will be added to the worksheet.

  • We simplified the way to create XLTools.SQLSelect automation command:

    Create a table with XLTools.SQLSelect command Select the cell with the query content SQLQuery button will appear near the cell Click the button The SQL query editor will open Create or edit the query Click Save The query will be inserted into the cell of the automation table.

  • You can now export to CSV non-adjacent ranges:

    E.g. select multiple rows in a table Click Export to CSV Only the selected rows will be exported.

  • An error in Mail Merge "Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject‘ to interface…" which prevented creating a List of Recipients from scratch is fixed.

  • Popup Calendar displays properly on screens with high resolution.

  • We have also improved error processing and added meaningful messages if something goes wrong.

Version 5.1

Version 5.1.3

(for registered users only, activate with your purchased license key)
  • Fixed a bug with the automation command XLTools.CombineSheetsData: combining sheets does not duplicate data now.
  • Added a drop-down option to the Workbook Organizer button: ‘Open folder of this workbook’. Clicking the option will quickly open the location folder of the active workbook.
  • Simplified navigating worksheets with the Sheet Switcher for workbooks with 10 and more worksheets.
  • Improved inserting date & time with the Popup Calendar.
  • Improved the Mail Merge feature. Now a list of recipients can be created in an unsaved yet workbook. Fixed the error ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ – it appeared when some column headers in the list of recipients were blank.
  • Added a troubleshooting solution for the installation error ‘Customized functionality in this application will not work because the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest or its location is not trusted’. The error will not appear if our website is saved to the list of trusted websites.
  • Fixed minor bugs with buttons display: Free Trial button on the ribbon, Popup Calendar & Clock icons in the context menu.

Version 5.1.2

  • Common error messages what appear in SQL queries, Version Control and Mail Merge now contain recommendations how to solve the issue.
  • Fixed a bug in the Export to CSV feature. Now exporting dates in a long-date format runs smoothly.
  • Optimized performance of the Combine sheets feature. Now it combines even a large number of sheets much faster and with no errors.
  • Fixed Mail Merge bugs with the disappearing TLS/SSL checkbox and non-stretchable Send Emails form.
  • Fixed Version Control errors that prevented comparing versions if the worksheet contained a named range.
  • Fixed a bug in the Popup Calendar running on Windows 7, when the calendar blocked cell selection.
  • Improved overall performance.

Version 5.1.1

  • Introduced a new installer. Any lacking Microsoft prerequisites will be installed at the same time.
  • Improved the process of updating to a new version, added the ‘Check for Updates’ button to the ribbon.
  • Automated launching of the free trial. Now the trial activates immediately after installation of the add-in.
  • Added an automatic license key lookup tool to the website.
  • Fixed errors and bugs to improve performance.

Version 5.0

Version 5.0

  • Simplified range selection controls to support automatic selection of tables and ranges.
  • Improved interaction with dialogue boxes, standardized and fixed them on top of Excel interface.
  • Expanded the Mail Merge functionality: add file attachments to bulk emails, format email template text.
  • Fixed commit changes error in Version Control.
  • Added new options to the Popup Calendar and Clock: set custom date/time format, open on the last used value.
  • Expanded the Unpivot Table functionality: preserve table headers, duplicate data from merged cells, preserve cell formatting.
  • Improved the Sheet Switcher design, added hot keys to navigate up/down the list of worksheets.
  • Improved overall usability, updated ribbon structure and tooltips.
  • Fixed errors and bugs to improve performance.

Version 4.1

Version 4.1

  • Developed new feature: Version Control for VBA macros to track and compare changes in code.
  • Expanded Version Control functionality to preview and diff changes before committing a version.
  • Simplified Version Control settings: committing a version always requires a comment.
  • Version Control regularly checks and deletes Temp files generated during work.
  • Developed and released first XLTools version for terminal servers.
  • To prevent Excel crashes, the add-in gets disabled in linked or embedded tables Word.
  • Included notifications about XLTools available updates.
  • Fixed installer errors and bugs to improve performance.

Version 4.0

Version 4.0

  • Updated XLTools ribbon.
  • Simplified download and activation of a free trial with full access to all XLTools features.
  • Adopted changes to licensing and purchasing procedure, EULA and Privacy Policy.
  • Changed XLTools update procedure from automatic update to an update upon user confirmation.
  • Introduced new installer logic to prompt installation of Microsoft prerequisites.
  • Fixed bugs to improve performance.

Version 3.6

Version 3.6

  • Changed the logic of XLTools.exe installer to bootstrap necessary Microsoft prerequisites.
  • Fixed installation errors for 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed ‘timeout’ error in Version Control.
  • Updated Mail Merge with the option to clear previous SMTP settings.
  • Fixed distorted License window display.
  • Eliminated the cause for slow switching between worksheets in the taskbar.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 3.5

Version 3.5.6

  • Updated components to ensure XLTools compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Updated components to ensure XLTools compatibility with Excel 2016.
  • Introduced a free trial system with automatic emailing of trial keys after downloading XLTools.
  • Improved Version Control performance with workbooks containing protected sheets and chart sheets xlChart.
  • Fixed the Popup Calendar settings to display/hide in the right-click context menu.
  • Included an error message when the Popup Calendar is used in the right-to-left worksheet layout (Arabic view).
  • Eliminated the cause for slow reaction when opening right-click menu and hide/unhide commands.
  • Updated Microsoft security certificate for XLTools.
  • Fixed VSTO errors during installation related to system security and invalid manifest.
  • Fixed minor bugs to improve performance.

Version 3.5.0

  • Developed and released new features: Export to CSV, Automation without macros.
  • Improved the SQL Queries feature to support various data formats, including dates.
  • Refined error messaging for wrong syntax in SQL Queries.
  • Included week numbers in the Popup Calendar interface.
  • Added the option to insert current date and time directly from the Popup Calendar interface.
  • Expanded the Popup Calendar settings with the option to set default date format.
  • Added the Popup Calendar option to auto-increment dates when populating a range of cells.
  • Expanded the Unpivot Table functionality to convert even complex crosstab tables with multilevel headers to a flat list.
  • Added the possibility to automate importing of SendGrid reports to Excel.
  • Expanded Version Control settings to save a new version via the ‘Commit Changes’ button.
  • Included the possibility to resize License window.
  • Fixed minor bugs to improve performance.

Version 3.0

Version 3.0

  • Developed and released new features: SQL Queries, Combine Cells Data, Columns Match, Mail Merge.
  • Expanded Version Control functionality to compare different versions and highlight changes.
  • Improved performance of the SQL Queries feature and messages on syntax errors.
  • Improved the Data Cleaning feature.
  • Improved performance of the Popup Calendar when the freeze panes mode on the worksheet is enabled.
  • Added the option of assigning Shortcuts to XLTools features.
  • Added the Popup Calendar option to auto-increment dates when populating a range of cells.
  • Reassembled XLTools.exe installer.
  • Updated Microsoft security certificate for XLTools.
  • Fixed minor bugs to improve performance.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0

  • Developed and released new features: Version Control, Repeat Selection, Data Cleaning, Unpivot Table.
  • Added the new option to the Popup Calendar to display the Calendar icon near cells with dates.
  • Fixed errors in download process from the website.
  • Fixed minor bugs to improve performance.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 (October 2013)

  • The first XLTools release featured the Popup Calendar and the Sheet Switcher.
  • Improved download, installation and performance of the add-in after beta-testing.