Note for registered users: in June 2020 changes to licenses were introduced

What has changed?

On June 28, 2020, we introduced changes to XLTools licenses.

Licenses Popup Calendar, Essentials, PRO and GURU are no longer available for sale.

They are replaced with new licenses: Popup Calendar toolkit, Data Prep toolkit, Version Control toolkit and Automation toolkit.

Licenses remain lifetime, one license per user/computer.

How does it affect my lifetime license?

We try to make the transition to new licenses seamless. For registered users the changes are minor. They will not affect your usual way of work with XLTools. Lifetime licenses purchased earlier remain valid.

When you update to XLTools version 5.3, the transition will be automatic:

Transition fromTransition toChanges to the features included
Popup Calendar Add-inPopup Calendar toolkitNo change.
Essentials Add-inData Prep toolkit
SQL QueriesandMail Mergefeatures are now also included.
PRO Add-inVersion Control toolkitNo change.
GURU Add-inAutomation toolkitNo change.

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